The amazingly talented Jenny has done it again by capturing so many of the incredible moments of Open 16.1 at Arena Ready (a full gallery can be found here).  Thank you so much for all you do, Jenny!

WOD for 03-02-16:

Power Snatch:




AMPAP (As Many POUNDS As Possible) 10 Minutes, With a Partner:

60 Calorie Row

60 Burpees Over The Rower

then in the remaining time...

Power Snatches for Max Total Poundage, pick load

Partners must share the same barbell and choose their loading for the workout (the loading cannot be changed once the workout starts). Partners may share the reps in whatever fashion they like, and reps do not have to be evenly split.  Score is total poundage lifted by the team - e.g. if a team uses 95 lbs and completes 71 power snatch reps, their score would be 6,745 lbs (95 x 71 = 6,745).