No, really.  


You know, assuming you came in on Monday for the WOD, or at least tried to move around a little in the last couple of days.  If you did neither then Sigfried and Roy (Angela's new kittens) have no sympathy for you, because every day is leg day when you're running from your feels.     


WOD for 03-01-16:

Back Squat:

15 Minutes to Establish a Moderately Heavy Set of 5




5 Rounds, Start Every Four Minutes:

400m Run

5 Back Squats @ 85% of Top Set From Above

12 Box Jumps @ 24/20 in


Focus on being explosive on the box jumps immediately after the back squats, rather than cycling the box jump reps as fast as possible. Want to add intensity? Run faster. 


(Compare to 12-07-15 and 05-06-15)