There are a number of categories to consider:

1. "I can't safely attempt even 5' of walking lunges as prescribed." This group should confirm with a coach that you really can't/shouldn't make an attempt, just in case you have too little faith in yourself, and once/if confirmed you'll set up the scaled version of the workout.  Otherwise, you're probably in group 2.

2. "Walking overhead lunges are impossible, but I think I can manage 5 feet/2 lunges."  This would equate to a score of 1 rep, and would rank higher than all scaled efforts on the scoreboard.  If you can manage 5' safely, do the workout as prescribed.  If you can get 25' done safely (even if you have to break it up) do 25'.  Then of course you can do 8 burpees (assuming you can safely jump), and you might be able to make it back another 25' safely.  Then you face pull-ups, and may find yourself in category 3, 4 or 5.  Prepare for pull-ups just in case, and also set up a modified station in case you reach the max Rx'ed score you'll be able to get for the day prior to the 20 minute cap.

3. "I can do the lunges and the burpees, but I'm still working on getting my chin over the bar for pull-ups." If you're in this group, it's not likely you can safely attempt chest-to-bar pull-ups quite yet.  If you're in this camp, please allow me to suggest that you file pull-ups as an area for improvement for next year, and set up a modified station in addition to your Rx station.

4. "I can do the lunges and the burpees, but chest-to-bar pull-ups? I've never even done one of those, or if I have, I'm not sure I can do 8!"  These people have kipping pull-ups and can probably get at least one C2B tomorrow, even if they haven't done one quite yet.  These people have pull-ups on the radar, have been practicing, and are getting close.  If you're in this camp, dig deep, file your hands, and get to work.  Tomorrow will be a day to test yourself, and hopefully get more C2B pull-ups than you expected!  Maybe you'll even find yourself in category 5!

Please note: in category 4, you may hit a threshold beyond which you probably shouldn't continue attempting - either you get too tired to hold on or to safely descend, your hands are ripping, or you're just over it.  After this point, you'll switch to the modified version of the workout for the remainder of the 20 minutes - you'll need to have both prepared ahead of time just in case.

5. "I can get one round, but I'm not sure how long I'll be able to hold on."  If you're in this group, carefully assess each movement, and how long you think one round would take you fresh.  Add about 50% to that time, and plan to pace yourself roughly according to that time frame per round. (i.e. one round top speed would take you 2 minutes, so pace yourself at 3 minutes starting out).  I believe the biggest mistake people will make in category 5 is to go out too hot, and feel less fit than you are because you hit redline too early.  This is a 20 minute workout.  It can't be won in the first five minutes, but it can easily be lost in the first 2.

6. "I'm going to crush this thing." If you're in this group, set a goal, divide 20 by your goal rounds, and pace yourself about 10 seconds per round faster for the first two rounds, then try to settle in and hold it from there.  Know yourself, your strengths, and how much each of the movements affect your heart rate, and try to stay calm and focused for as long as possible.  It will burn, but you can do it.  Accept your fate, stay in the game, and make each rep count.

A few more notes:

A. Please don't ghost ride the bar (i.e. carelessly drop from overhead).  We've tried to create stations for everyone to have enough space, but if you are "so tired" that you carelessly drop the bar, you will likely hit your friend or the wall.  This is not inevitable. At 95/65 pounds, almost no matter how tired you are, this is a careless, thoughtless choice, and people will judge you for it.  Please put the bar down like you care about your classmates and take pride in our gym.  Holes in their shins or the wall are forever.

B. As a spectator, please cheer for you friends from a safe place.  The front of both sides is a good option, and it's possible pockets of space will be available in the back as well.  Please be cognizant of your surroundings.

C. The modified workout will be much the same as the official Open workout, but will be as follows:
20 min AMRAP (or if you're in category 2, 3 or 4 the time domain will be the remainder of 20 minutes after you move on to the modified version):
8 Overhead Walking Lunges With a 45/35 lbs Plate
8 Plate Burpees
8 Overhead Walking Lunges
8 Ring Rows or Jumping Pull-ups

The lunges and burpees will take place wherever you feel safe and out of the way of the Rx'ed and Scaled lanes.  This will be somewhat dependent on each heat's configuration, so if you're unsure ask a coach to point you in the right direction.

Red level: 35/25, Grey level: 25/15,White level: 15/10 or no plate.

D. If you're planning to judge (thank you!) please review the workout and movement standards in advance.

E. Please remember that our coaches are athletes too, and may be prepping for their own competition.  Sarah, Rob, Alyssa and Cody will be on hand and not competing on Saturday, so they are free to help at any time.  Everyone else, including Hillary and Liz, is planning to compete at some point on Saturday (as far as we know), but will probably be too nice to act busy, so as the clock ticks later please leave them to their own mental games if you sense they might be starting to prep!

Good luck, have fun, and be safe!  Open 16.1 starts now!

WOD for 02-27-16:

"Open 16.1"

AMRAP 20 Minutes: 

25ft Overhead Walking Lunges @ 95/65 lbs

8 Bar Facing Burpees

25ft Overhead Walking Lunges 

8 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups