So, when we suggested everyone sign up for the Open, we have to admit we weren't anticipating walking overhead barbell lunges over a 25' distance for 20 minutes.  That said, this first workout (AKA "16.1") is going to be a great test of fitness, and we're still excited for everyone to participate.  We do sort of wish the gym were about 5' wider, haha.

In the best configuration we've come up with so far, we can accommodate six athletes at a time in this workout, 3 on each side, and we should be able to start a new heat every 25-30 minutes.  This means 12 people will be able to work out per hour, which means we'll be 6 athletes per hour shy of our usual 18 person per class Saturday capacity.  Have no fear - we'll have 12 spots available in each of the 8am, 9am, 10am and 11am Saturday classes, and we're planning to add formal heats on one side of Open Gym and continuing at 11am on Sunday as well.

We're Open (ha, pun intended) to running heats on Saturday (12pm, 1pm) if needed, and to extending Open Gym on Sunday by an hour or two, but we need to be organized, or trust us when we say this will not be much fun for anyone.

Because of the logistics of this particular workout, and the space constraints it imposes for Saturday, for this week only (barring additional unforeseen circumstances in future weeks) we will also be running heats at 6pm on Friday and 1pm on Monday to try to create a few extra opportunities for people to compete.  If you are on the wait list for any class you are welcome to show up anyway, but you may have to wait quite awhile for a spot in a heat, so please sign up early.

If you didn't show up tonight (Thursday), and are not available Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday basically all day, or Monday at 1pm, we won't be entirely sure why you signed up for the Open if you ask us for additional accommodation, so you may detect that in our expression.  It doesn't hurt to ask, but please try to make the aforementioned times work, especially given the complexity of this particular workout.

Those of you who are not formally entered in the Open should likely expect to do walking lunges with a plate overhead instead of a barbell - it'll still be a good & challenging workout, but will take up much less space.  For those of you who are entered, please make sure to watch the 16.1 standards video below and read the workout info so that you are familiar with the the movement standards and requirements - it will help immensely if everyone knows what they're generally doing ahead of time. 


Thank you for your attention!

WOD for 02-26-16:

A) Against a 6-Minute Clock:

800m Run, then AMRAP of...

30 AbMat Sit-ups

40 Double Unders

-Rest 2 Minutes-

B) Against a 5-Minute Clock:

600m Run, then AMRAP of...

30 Push-ups

40 Double Unders

-Rest 2 Minutes-

C) Against a 4-Minute Clock:

400m Run, then AMRAP of...

30 Wall Balls @ 20/14 lbs to 10/9 ft

40 Double Unders