We may not have much to say on the blog in the coming days (WODs will still be posted), as we feel a little speechless and like nothing we could say is all that important.  There are some goings-on that we want to touch on eventually (the Holiday Party re-cap, Franniversary re-cap, and other gym news) but for now we're still trying to process the tragic loss.  In that vein, I wanted to share a few memories I have of Cash. 

I remember the first time Cash came into our gym.  Sarah and I were excited.  Leisa had been a member at Arena Ready for some time at that point, and of course we were already such big fans of everything she brought to our community.  Sunny was also starting to come in and work out regularly which was super cool, and we had this grateful feeling when they told us that Cash wanted to get started doing CrossFit in order to get in shape for the tour that their band, Them Are Us Too, was preparing for - it honestly felt like an honor.

In walks Cash - a little quiet, very sweet in nature, strikingly beautiful, graceful, and very naturally athletic.  Cash listened attentively, tried really hard, and made things that frustrated even veteran CrossFitters look fairly easy.  That was just sort of how she moved through the space - kind of effortlessly, with a fluidity and smooth cadence that we as coaches so rarely see in people's movement (especially in those new to strength training and CrossFit).  

It made sense that Cash was an artist, and such a gifted one at that - she had that indescribable thing that just made those of us around her want to know more... more of what she said... more of what she thought... at least that was very true for me.  I basically thought Cash was the coolest of cool. I used to joke in class and say things out loud like, "hey, when you become an even bigger rock star please don't forget me" and "if you ever need a celebrity trainer while on tour you know where to find me."  Cash would smile and I would hope that she actually thought it was funny, and hope that she knew I was joking (well, only sort of) - since I assume that the music she (and they) created was about the art and not the fame that might come of it.             

The tour soon came and was a big success based on everything we heard. In keeping up with Cash from afar through Leisa and Sunny we always heard such pride in their voices as they described her experiences, adventures, and new goals. There are no words to describe how sad we are, how much we are mourning for Leisa and Sunny, and how unfair it seems that such a cool person has been lost so young.

Please bear with us as we process this alongside all of you. Please continue to keep Leisa and Sunny in your thoughts and prayers, and for those of you fortunate to have been in class with Cash in her brief stint as a CrossFitter, please join us in remembering a really cool human.

WOD for 12-06-16:

Front Squat:



Add to your 8-rep working weight from 11-22-16.




For Time:


Front Squats @ 135/95 lbs (no rack)

Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

Box Jump Overs @ 24/20 in