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On this, one of the most reflective days of the year, I find myself reflecting, as usual.

I used to worry that the world would end on New Year's Eve.  It was this feeling of foreboding, and I didn't want to go to sleep on New Year's Eve not because I cared about the ball dropping, or because I wanted a kiss at midnight, it was really just that I was afraid it was my last night on earth. I'm thankful in this respect that I didn't stay a kid forever!

Along the same dark lines (bear with me, the good stuff is coming later), there have been a few too many moments this year that I felt my own world crashing down around me. I've also watched really awful things happen one after another to really wonderful people.  In many ways it has actually been one of the most difficult years I can remember.

At the same time, despite so much sadness, I've watched my friends rally around each other to form a much stronger community, one that goes well beyond fitness into the deeper stuff of real life, and supporting each other in ways we never would have thought we'd need. It's been reassuring to see that even in the midst of immense tragedy, or crippling fear, people care, and not only do they offer to help, they actually do.

On a lighter note, a huge number of wonderful things have also happened this year, and we've truly enjoyed being part of your successes and triumphs large and small. It's been another year of PR lifts, first pull-ups, and first muscle-ups. We've watched people stand taller while they get leaner, stronger, fitter, happier and healthier. We've celebrated so many great accomplishments, and been so proud to be associated with such awesome people.

As 2016 draws to an end, I'm amazed, yet again, that this is our real life, and that we have the opportunity each day to help this group of people pursue better versions of themselves. Our shirts define Arena Ready as "fully prepared for all of life's obstacles." I've experienced this truth this year more than any other, and witnessed time and again the strength, perseverence, dedication, determination, humility, patience, and grit we all develop as CrossFitters benefitting us both in the gym, and in our broader lives.  We say it frequently, and we couldn't mean it more: thank you so much for including us in your fitness journey. We are honored to call you friends.

Here's hoping 2017 brings so much awesome, less pain, and at the very least, the continued ability to face all of life's obstacles. Happy New Year, friends.