Please note our holiday class schedule through Jan 2nd (click here for details).

We hope everyone is enjoying their holiday week!  The NPGL is airing a week-long marathon of the 2016 GRID matches, and you can catch Coach Sarah and the San Francisco Fire on television this Wednesday, Dec 28th, at 2pm Pacific Time on the beIN SPORTS Network (set your DVRs!).

It's sort of a holiday picture, no?  Red, green, red.

WOD for 12-27-16:

3-Position Power Clean (High Hang, Knees, Floor):

5 Sets of (1+1+1)





"Open Workout 15.4"

AMRAP 8 Minutes:


Hand Stand Push-ups


Cleans @ 185/125 lbs


Handstand push-up reps increase by 3 every round.  Clean reps increase by 3 every 3 rounds.

Athletes who are scaling this workout in class will use the Open Scaled Workout for 15.4:

"Scaled 15.4"

AMRAP 8 Minutes:

10 Push Presses @ 95/65 lbs (no rack)

10 Cleans @ 115/75 lbs


(Compare to 03-21-15)