Sarah took the competition platform on Sunday at the 2016 USA Weightlifting American Open in Orlando, winning both Silver (Clean & Jerk) and Bronze (Total) in the newest IWF class (-90kg)!  It was an exciting session to say the least, and the messages of support from all of you who were watching the live stream and cheering her on were so amazing.  

The last lift of the session saw Sarah calling for an increase following a majority-decision "no lift" on her 2nd clean & jerk attempt.  Rather than repeating the same weight and potentially locking-up 2nd place overall in the Total (and 1st in the Clean & Jerk), Sarah shot me a look and asked for the increase... "let's go for it" she said without hesitation.  So I called the jump to 119kg/262lbs - a successful lift at that weight meant two gold medals & an overall win in the Total, and we didn't travel across the country to settle for 2nd place.  After an easy clean, the jerk was just not quite there... driven plenty high but just a little out of position, Sarah was forced to drop the bar and end the session with a signature smile and wave of appreciation for the crowd and referees.

While we fell just short of the win I am so proud of her effort, courage, and fight.  I'll take her "we came to win" attitude every time.  And the great news is Arena Ready still has some new hardware to add to its weightlifting trophy case!

Thanks to all of you for screaming your heads off from 3,000 miles away!

WOD for 12-14-16:

Every 3 Minutes For 7 Rounds (21 Minutes):

3 "Touch-and-Go" Power Snatches, climbing

7 Burpee Box Jumps @ 30/24 in

21/15 Calorie Row


Climb in weight to a top set as your technique allows - "touch-and-go" means no dropping or re-setting/pausing at the floor.  Be steady and explosive on the burpee box jumps, paying attention not to eat it (facing the box is not required).  Don't dog the row.