It's not quite official just yet (video reviews and final score validations still pending) but it appears likely that TWO OF THE WORLDWIDE WINNERS OF THE 2016 CROSSFIT LIFTOFF ARE FROM ARENA READY!!!

Cassie is currently sitting in 1st overall in her weight class, and also scored 14th in the world in the "pound-for-pound" category.  Her performance included a lifetime PR on the clean & jerk, a 322-rep performance on Saturday's "Event 3" WOD (that's 1 full round + 25 pull-ups + 47 calories on the rower), and a HUGE lifetime PR snatch of 182 pounds at 129 pounds bodyweight (that's 141% of bodyweight, folks!).

Coach Sarah is also sitting in 1st overall in her weight class, and perhaps more impressively is in 3rd overall among all classes worldwide.  Her Liftoff performance included a 313-rep score on "Event 3" and a lifetime PR clean & jerk (complete with power clean for flair) of 265 pounds.  

Additionally, each athlete who had been following our Barbell Club programming over the last training cycle hit lifetime PRs and/or "current era" PRs in their competition and/or training lifts - a BIG CONGRATS to Bex, Elliott, and Steven for crushing it with the barbell this past weekend.  A shout out to Mike S. as well for becoming the newest member of the 300-pound clean & 400-pound squat clubs, and to Tony for a "current era" snatch PR (and near lifetime PR!) and a "no no no" squat at 475 pounds (no belt, no sleeves, no weightlifting shoes).

Great work everyone!  We're so proud of your effort, and thrilled to be able to say that Arena Ready is the HOME OF TWO CROSSFIT LIFTOFF WORLDWIDE CHAMPS!  Here's a quick look at Cassie's and Sarah's lifetime PRs:       

And for all the keyboard coaches out there who have already weighed in on these lifts: 1) Thank you for your wisdom, we'd be so lost without you; B) Yes, you are correct, these max lifts are far from perfect (imagine that!) - we'll keep drilling their PVC technique so that these ladies don't spontaneously explode; 4) Yes, believe it or not, a power clean IS legal in weightlifting (not that this is a weightlifting meet); and finally d3) Yes, Sarah's belt is not legal by IWF or USAW standards - it's the belt CFHQ gave her for winning the Liftoff last year, so for some strange reason we thought it would be fun for her to wear it again... got it, TOTALLY ILLEGAL.

WOD for 11-09-16:

Bar Muscle-up:

Skills & Drills




"Pleasant Girls"

3 Rounds For Time:

50 Air Squats

7 Bar Muscle-ups

10 Hang Power Snatches @ 95/65 lbs


(Compare to 10-26-15)