Happy Halloween!

On Saturday many of our athletes braved the Sweaty Saturday Partner WOD with costume in tow. A bunch of good sports indeed (unlike our friend, Tiger, who is a notorious sore loser, philanderer, & poor sport):


Apollo's Ewok costume may win the award for cutest showing. 


I love that Coach Liz tried to muss her hair for this photo.

Between the salmon nigiri and the GREATEST COMBO PACK OF NERDS EVER this picture makes me hungry. 


Dave kept the Popeye forearms on the entire time during the WOD, which I really respect from a method actor standpoint. To truly be "in character" you need to make courageous choices and go with them. Bravo, Dave.   


Women's Health Run 10 Feed 10

Saturday was also the running of the Women's Health Run 10 Feed 10 to benefit the homeless.  A big Arena Ready contingent took to the 10K course and also gathered for brunch at Coach Sparkle's post-run bistro, Chez Preggo.  Molly F. and Kim even WON THEIR DIVISIONS OUTRIGHT, with Molly taking the 8th overall female spot among all runners.  Great work, athletes - so awesome to see you taking your fitness outside and kicking ass!   

PS - Every time I program this WOD I think of the time I realized that my wife didn't know who E-40 was...

WOD for 10-31-16:





*Follow each work set with a 10 Calorie Row, starting easy and increasing your speed with each interval (finishing on a sprint). 




"E-40's Foul Forty"

For Time:

40 Calorie Row

40 AbMat Sit-ups

40 Kettlebell Swings @ 53/35 lbs

40 Thrusters @ 75/55 lbs


(Compare to 12-09-15)