Mainsite Monday Returns! (For Now)

This is actually one of my favorite couplet combos from… enjoy!

WOD For 09-16-19:

AMRAP 7 Minutes (in the increasing rep scheme of 2/2-4/4-6/6-8/8-10/10-etc):

Deadlifts @ 225/155 lbs

Strict Handstand Push-ups




AMRAP 7 Minutes (in the increasing rep scheme of 2/2-4/4-6/6-8/8-10/10-etc):

Power Cleans @ 155/105 lbs

Pistols, alternating


(Workout courtesy of

Sunday Picnic For Sparkle

As we mentioned in Thursday’s blog post we’ll be gathering for a picnic in Precita Park on Sunday following Open Gym. We invite the entire Arena Ready community to come and be around supportive friends to grieve the loss of our one and only Sparkle. Come as you are, bring what you wish, and tell each other stories about our dear friend and swolemate.

WOD For 09-14-19:

“AMRAP Team Fight Club”

With a Partner Against a 25-Minute Clock:


… then, in the remaining time AMRAP of…

30 Thrusters @ 95/65 lbs

30 Power Cleans

30 Box Jumps @ 24/20 in

30 Pull-ups

30 Calorie Row, Ski, or Assault Bike (FM Pairs = 27 Cal, FF Pairs = 24 Cal)

*The faster runner starts on the thrusters immediately and does NOT have to wait for their partner to complete the run.

*One athlete working at a time on the AMRAP, switch whenever you like (tagging not required).

Construction Update Part 2

The sidewalk demo we mentioned earlier this week will now start on Friday after the morning classes and continue through the early afternoon, so Friday’s noon class has been cancelled.

We’ve been told by Cahill Construction that this phase of work will be done for the day prior to 4pm so we plan on conducting our 4, 5, and 6pm classes as usual — but will make sure to update ASAP if that changes.

We’ll post more updates as we get clarity around dates next week that will be affected. Thanks for your understanding, and let us know if you have any questions.

WOD For 09-13-19:

Every 90 Seconds For 20 Rounds (30 Minutes):

Power Clean + Front Squat + Squat Clean + Jerk


*Use FOUR Weights:

ROUNDS 1-5: Light (50% of 1RM C&J)

ROUNDS 6-10: Moderate (60-65%)

ROUNDS 11-15: Moderate (70-75%)

ROUNDS 16-20: Moderate-Heavy-ish (80-85%)


*Technical Consistency! Ideally 20 of 20 made rounds, no misses!

*If you miss during Rounds 16-20 you MUST lower the weight the next round.

*Any style of jerk is allowed.


It is with the greatest heartbreak that we notify our Arena Ready family that we've lost one of our own. As all who knew her can attest, Sparkle was a bright light in our community and one who will be dearly missed.

In addition to the GoFundMe link here (which was started by one of Jon’s fellow firefighters) Michelle is working to coordinate if anyone is aware of breast milk donations for newborn Baby Moore. We will keep you posted in the private Arena Ready Facebook group as we learn ways that we all can support Jon, as well as any details regarding a memorial service, a memorial workout, and anything else.

Nevada will also be creating a poster we can use to share memories of Sparkle for Jon and their families.

For those closest to Lindsay & Jon wishing to spend time together and process this loss, a group has organized an event tomorrow (Thursday) evening at 6pm — please contact Stacey for more details. Additionally the AR gym community as a whole will be hosting a picnic at Precita Park this Sunday after Open Gym for everyone who wants to come and be around their supportive friends to grieve together.

PLEASE NOTE: So that the AR coaches who knew & loved Lindsay so dearly may attend the Thursday evening gathering we have cancelled our Thursday evening 6pm and 7pm classes. Thanks for your understanding.

WOD For 09-12-19:

Alternating EMOM For 4 Rounds (12 Minutes):

1) 80 ft Single DB Overhead Waiter Carry @ pick load (40 ft Right / 40 ft Left)

2) 20 Steps of Glute Band “Monster Walk” (By Round: 10 x R/L, R/L, F/B, F/B)

3) 40 Unbroken Double Unders


AMRAP 15 Minutes:

30 Overhead Walking Lunges w/Plate @ 45/35 lbs

15 Toes-to-Bar

30 Burpees

We Will Never Forget.

WOD For 09-11-19:

5 Cycles of (2 Minutes Work / 2 Minutes Rest) For MAX CALORIES:

10 Deadlifts @ 245/165 lbs

15 Box Jumps @ 24/20 in


Your score is the total number of calories rowed.

Upcoming Construction Gym Closure

UPDATE: Cahill has likely pushed this construction work to next week, so this week’s class schedule may not be affected. We will keep you updated as soon as we have more details on exact dates.

We were notified today (Monday) that Cahill Construction will need to completely demo & re-install the sidewalk in front of the gym (as well as the driveways) this week, so unfortunately it is likely we will be closed for 2 (possibly 3) days during the Wednesday through Friday timeframe.

We are about as frustrated with this as you can imagine, and once we have the exact timeline for the work we will update the community here and on our private Arena Ready facebook group. We wanted to give everyone as much heads-up as we were given so that you can plan your week accordingly, and hopefully get into the gym on Tuesday for one heck of a crowd favorite WOD.

Thanks for your patience and please reach out with any questions.

WOD For 09-10-19:

"Cindy Full of Grace"

3 Rounds For Time:

3 Rounds of "Cindy"

10 Clean & Jerks @ 135/95 lbs  


1 Round of "Cindy" is:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Air Squats

So yes, this workout contains 9 total rounds of “Cindy.”

Monday Met-Con: Med Ball Cleans

It sometimes takes a bit of criticism from others in the strength & conditioning world, but the med ball clean is certainly a good tool when used in conditioning pieces in order to illicit some serious BURN.

"The medicine ball is somewhat less intimidating than a bar, weighs less and seems to be more suggestive of the practical functionality of the clean than is the clean with the bar. The medicine-ball clean efficiently demonstrates to the developing athlete the critical sequence of the hip accelerating the object to maximum extension, the hip retreating toward the squat, and, finally, the hip squatting the object to full extension." —Greg Glassman (adapted)

WOD For 09-09-19:

2 Hang Power Snatches + 1 Overhead Squat:

10 Minutes to Build to a Top Set


3 Rounds For Max Reps (0:45 work per station / 0:15 rest between stations):

Hang Power Snatches @ 95/65 lbs

Med Ball Sit-ups @ 20/14 lbs

Shoulder-to-Overhead @ 95/65 lbs

Med Ball Cleans @ 20/14 lbs

(Rest 1:15 Between Rounds)

This workout is 14 total minutes, including rest periods between rounds. Your score is the total number of reps completed across all 3 rounds.

Sweaty Saturday 7-8-9-10 (Oh, and 200)

This one should be fun. Happy Saturday, team!

WOD For 09-07-19:

In Teams of THREE…

AMRAP 27 Minutes:

7 Toes-to-Bar

8 Dumbbell Snatches @ 50/35 lbs (alternate sides)

9/7 Calorie Row

10 Burpees Over Rower

*Only one athlete working at a time and MUST COMPLETE ONE FULL ROUND of 7-8-9-10 before switching.

*During your “rest" period (i.e. when the other two teammates are going) you MUST COMPLETE A 200 METER MEDICINE BALL RUN @ 20/14 lbs before you’re allowed to start your next round on toes-to-bar.

*If you’re the 3rd teammate in the order (i.e. you go last on toes-to-bar) then YOU MUST START THE WORKOUT WITH A 200 METER MEDICINE BALL RUN.

Yes, I realize that’s not really considered rest. That’s why it’s in “quotes”… duh.

Friday "From The Floor" Barbell

Thursday’s WOD felt (to many of us) like the CrossFit equivalent of running 5x800m repeats at the track on 1:1 work/rest. And that was sort of the whole point in the context of the week’s training — aerobic heavy early in the week, interval heavy through the middle part, and now a good dose of barbell work to end the week.

Hey look, we get to pull from the floor… finally! Happy Friday, friends.

WOD For 09-06-19:

Every 90 Seconds For 20 Rounds (30 Minutes):

Power Clean + Front Squat + Squat Clean + Jerk


*Use FOUR Weights:

ROUNDS 1-5: Light (50% of 1RM C&J)

ROUNDS 6-10: Moderate (60-65%)

ROUNDS 11-15: Moderate (70-75%)

ROUNDS 16-20: Moderate-Heavy-ish (80-85%)


*Technical Consistency! Ideally 20 of 20 made rounds, no misses!

*If you miss during Rounds 16-20 you MUST lower the weight the next round.

*Any style of jerk is allowed.

Thursday Intensity Sans Barbell

After all the various squatting, upper pushing, lunging (and running) the last few days we’ll use Thursday’s program to incorporate hinging, upper pulling, and rowing.  You got your aerobic fill on Monday & Tuesday, so Thursday’s WOD should feel fairly anaerobic (i.e. sprint hard, rest, repeat & hold your pace). Not to worry, the barbell awaits us again on Friday, friends.

Let's go team!

WOD For 09-05-19:

5 Rounds, Go Every 5 Minutes:

21/17 Calorie Row

15 KB Swings @ 70/53 lbs

9 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups


Each round is a sprint, and each round is for time. Can you start fast and hold the pace through all 5 rounds?

Partner Snatches "Touch-and-Go"

A little mid-week partner power snatch + OHS piece should make for a spicy Wednesday WOD!

WOD For 09-04-19:

With a Partner On a Running Clock...

A) 0:00 - 12:00

2 Power Snatches + 2 Overhead Squats ("Touch-and-Go"):

12 minutes for both partners to build to a top set using the same barbell


B) 15:00 - 27:00

AMRAP 12 Minutes:

10 Box Jumps @ 24/20 in

8 Power Snatches @ 95/65 lbs

6 Overhead Squats 


One person working at a time. Complete one FULL round of 10-8-6 then switch. 

Yes, the power snatches and OHS should be "touch-and-go" and unbroken to start the workout.

Track Day Turnout- Thank You Coach Kim

It was another great turnout on Monday morning for Coach Kim's Labor Day Track WOD.  A group of 30 Arena Ready athletes plus a bunch of kiddos (and dogs!) came out to start their holiday right.

Thank you, Kim, for another awesome hero WOD - can't wait to do it again next year! 


WOD For 09-03-19:

3 Rounds For MAX REPS (0:45 Per Movement / 0:15 Rest Between Movements):


Wall Balls @ 20/14 lbs to 10/9 ft

Hang Power Cleans @ 115/75 lbs

Med Ball Sit-ups @ 20/14 lbs

Shoulder-to-Overhead @ 115/75 lbs

(Rest 1:15 Between Rounds)

This workout is 17 total minutes, including rest periods, and your score is total reps across all 3 rounds.